PolyKid Labs

Science and engineering enrichment.  Introducing little kids to big concepts in fun and tangible ways.

Our online classes are open to students nationwide. Our physical classes are held in San Francisco schools as enrichment offerings.


Our Philosophy

Simple Science Experiments and Easy Engineering Challenges

PolyKid Labs offers simple science experiments and easy engineering challenges for little kids ages 3 to 8 years old.  Online class sizes are kept small with emphasis on individual engagement for all learners.

The materials set is curated with simplicity in mind for parents - only calling for a few common household items per lesson.  Our goal is to reduce as much of the prep time and burden on parents as possible, and to make science and engineering learning a joy rather than a burden to families at home.

Most children ages 3-8 could be capable of working on the activities independently.  Younger kids are welcome to participate with adult assistance ideal, but not required.  Children are welcome to be in watch-only mode if they are not able to participate hands on at the time.

We believe any motivated child is capable of beginning to understand big concepts when they are inspired by the tangible and amazing phenomenon that can be found in science and engineering.  We can't wait to see you in class!


Easy Engineering for Little Kids:

Multi-week online summer classes

Summer through Aug 22

Once per week for 30 min lesson leading to project-based exploration afterwards

Online class series for ages 3-8 years old

Small class sizes: 2 to 6 kids

Cost prorated at $16/class

Small online class sizes for intimate learning experience!  Using only a handful of easy materials for each lesson, children will engage in simple activities that expose them to basic concepts in structural engineering, force and motion, aerodynamics, energy conversion, buoyancy, and many other topics.

Some examples of content covered in this summer series:

  • Start with small, fun, and seemingly weak materials to build structures tall and strong. What shape is the strongest in structural engineering? What shape is the strongest under compression?

  • Take just two small household items, and make a rocket!  What shapes enable the rocket to fly steadier? 

  • How can you play opposing forces against each other so as to keep slippery objects in place?

  • What designs of boats make for better buoyancy?

  • How far can you make sound travel, and what materials best transmit sound? 

You'll find out! Participate hands-on alongside the teacher's demo, or be in watch-only mode.

How the classes will be taught:

  • At the start of class, teacher will introduce the topic, ask questions and solicit "smart guesses" or hypotheses as to what could happen

  • Teacher will demonstrate basics of the activity step-by-step, so kids gain a foundational confidence, then pose simple design challenges and allow kids to work creatively for a short time.  

  • Some kids may actively follow along with materials at home, and others might only participate by watching.  

  • Teacher will pause at points to allow kids to make observations or ask questions. 

  • As the activity unfolds, teacher will facilitate discussion about the observations and discoveries. 

  • At the end of class, children will engage in a lesson about the key science or engineering concept of the day.  

  • Multiple questions will be sprinkled by the teacher throughout the lesson to spark curiosity in the children.  

  • Every child will have opportunities to speak, either by being called on individually or in a small randomized group with others.

  • Any child may raise questions or observations along the way.  No prior experience or knowledge of science or engineering required.

San Francisco Classes: 2020 Spring Term
Public Library SF - Richmond Branch
Wed, Jun 03
Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Lib
Jun 03, 7:59 PM
Richmond/Senator Milton Marks Branch Lib, 351 9th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA
Once per quarter offering, free and open to the public, capped at 20 kids.
Wednesdays 3:30pm at CAIS
Wed, Jan 15
Chinese American International School
Jan 15, 3:30 PM – May 20, 4:15 PM
Chinese American International School, 52 Waller St, San Francisco, CA
Afterschool enrichment class
Wednesdays 1:30pm at JCC
Wed, Jan 08
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco
Jan 08, 1:30 PM – May 20, 2:20 PM
Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, 3200 California St, San Francisco, CA 94118, USA
Enrichment classes

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